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Breed: Golden-Hearted Labrador Retriever Mix

Age: 3yrs.

Sex: Female

Size: 56lbs.

Adoption Fee: $750

Learn all about me!

“Ooooooooh! Who lives in a pineapple under the sea!?”

Well, Sponge-Bob does of course. Duh! …But I’m Chloe. And right now, I live here at Yankee. What I really am looking for is a forever home. So people can sing to me…

“Ooooooooh! Who lives in a home with their hoomans and treats!? BEST-GIRL CHLO-E!”

You have to sing it with the cadence or it just sounds weird.

This forever home for me is so important, you have no idea. My past consists of a lot of different ways that humans have abandoned me, left me, discarded me, and I’ve never seen them again. For this reason, I have some separation scaries. In my foster home before coming to Yankee, I was getting so much more comfortable with my foster leaving and the routine we had. So I am sure I can pick that back up in no-time with the right understanding, and patient humans by my side to help me through.

If you work from home, can take your doggo to work with you, or just live the happy retired life (you know what I mean…with the umbrella drinks and sleeping in), then I’m your girl. I can promise one thing in return for you giving me my forever home…that I will love you more than words (or barks) can express.

I identify as a 10 pound lap dog. Cuddling is my expertise, and you are guaranteed the best cuddles of your life or your money back (just kidding, but serious about the cuddles).

I love to play ball, go for walks, and then nap at your feet. I enjoy other dogs, just depends on the dog. Sometimes they can be a bit much for me if they come on too strong, but after I get to know another dog, I enjoy their company and play time. Nothing like a good wrestle sesh.

I am housetrained, as I think peeing in the house is disgusting and barbaric. And I am the perfect balance of fun in the sun with a heaping side of sleeping beauty. However, I cannot blossom into the beautiful flower I am while in a rescue, because the water to my soil is my PEOPLE!

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Address: 110 Chapin Rd Hudson, MA 01749

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