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Storybook Puppies

Breed: Golden-Hearted Retriever Mix

Age: 6 mos.

Sex: (1)Male (2)Female

Size: 37 lbs.

Adoption Fee: $1000

Learn all about me!

We are the Storybook Puppies Fable, Myth, and Folklore. All 3 of us were born and raised for a short time in Georgia, before embarking on our first big adventure to Yankee! And now, we’re looking for our fairyTAIL ending.

We are a mystery retriever mix, and expected to be large when we are fully grown. A DNA test will get to the bottom of this mystery!

We’re just pups, so we’re in our basic manners stage of life. We will need training, guidance, and exposure to be continued with our forever families. We are still working on walking on a harness and all our basic cues. We’re very smart and FAST learners. If you have yummy treats on you… we will happily follow your lead!  We had been socialized with each other growing up, and some of us have even began playing with other well matched doggies here!

We are all UTD on our vaccinations, and recently have been spayed/neutered.

We have really enjoyed our stay at Yankee, but we’re all itching for a bed of our own and cozy laps to curl up in. We all have our own little personalities, but we all LOVE, love. Consensus from the group says… Belly rubs, praise, kisses, and food is the direct route to our hearts.

Soon our Yankee chapter will be coming to a close. And we will write a new tale, with you!

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