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Breed: Golden at Heart - Golden Mix

Age: 5.5 yrs.

Sex: Male

Size: 77lbs

Adoption Fee: $750

Learn all about me!

Turkey was my original stomping ground, where I was definitely king of the streets. Being outside is still my very favorite place to be. My family here at Yankee has really showed me that I love human companionship too! It takes me a little time to open up and trust new people, but when I do it is a strong pure bond. I think I would really enjoy a quiet home as the only fur baby; where we can relax and enjoy each other’s company. If you have any hotdogs laying around, I’d be open to sharing those too! Boy those are TASTY!

When I am comfortable with you, I may even snuggle up next to you and enjoy a little scratchies behind my ears. As an independent doggo finding my person means a great deal to me, and you’ll know it.

A few of my other favorite things I’ve discovered for my future forever home: soft toys, and stuffed Kongs. I hope my home will have these things waiting for me too! Even though I may need some patience to get to know you, I don’t think of it as a fault of mine. It just means I like my circle to be close and tightknit so that I can show my unconditional love for my favorite people! Some staff members here have become that for me, but that can’t be forever, so let’s start our journey together!

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Address: 110 Chapin Rd Hudson, MA 01749

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